Mission Statement

Our Mission

‘Transforming the delivery of Health & Social Care through training and education’

Did you know?

Research carried out by Community Care has found examples of situations where the lack of appropriate and efficient training had resulted in not only safeguarding concerns not being reported, but people being unlawfully deprived of their liberty and being treated with no empathy or understanding of their care needs.

Additionally a recent report released by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) highlights a number of key concerns facing the health and social care industry in the coming years.  Demand for workers in health and social care services is set to rocket in the years ahead, but there is a risk of a huge shortfall in workers with the right talents and training to meet the growing demand.  There are currently 4 million people employed within this sector and it is reasonably estimated that there is a need for 2 million more workers recruited and trained by 2022, this is equivalent to over half of the existing workforce. The UKCES findings also show a poor prognosis for skills and competencies in health and social care and many younger workers leaving the sector as a result.

In order to tackle these challenges, we have made our mission to transform the delivery of health and social care through training and education as well as supporting our clients in retaining their staff.

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'Transforming the delivery of Health and Social Care through training and education.' https://t.co/zDNEglmbh3

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