Moving & Handling of People

Course Description

Our Moving and Handling of People course is suitable for all staff working in the Health & Social Care sector who are involved in the handling of people, as well as all care providers. This includes moving and handling with or without the use of equipment. It aims specifically at reducing the likelihood of moving and handling accidents at work to both the person being moved and the employees.

For staff, poor moving and handling practices can also lead to back pain and musculoskeletal disorders, which can lead to inability to work. Therefore, our course deals specifically with the safe introduction of manual handling practices, including the use of equipment, in the workplace. As well as teaching how to maintain a service users’ comfort, safety and dignity at all times.


Learning Outcomes

After this one day course staff will be able to:

• Understand relevant legislation in relation to individuals, their organization, employers and colleagues.

• Gain an understanding of the spinal function and the main causes of back injury, how to minimize those risks by implementing best practices within their organization and therefore safeguarding themselves and people using the service.

• Understand why we implement the principles of biomechanics and the benefits associated with efficient and effective movement.

• Understand why ‘controversial techniques’ are deemed to be unsafe to both the workers and the service users.

• Understand risk assessments and why they are required within a care setting.

• Demonstrate and practice safe manual handling techniques, including the safe use of equipment.



The session is followed by a multiple-choice assessment designed to test learners’ understanding of the course. Test results are usually disclosed within two working days after attending the training. Certificate will be issued after successful completion of the training course.