Manual Handling Of Objects

Course Description

Injuries caused by poor manual handling techniques are one of the most common causes of prolonged time off work in the UK. Often resulting in pain, suffering, loss of earnings, downtime, litigation and compensation costs.

Arete Training Solutions has developed this half-day course which offers the practice of safe manual handling and relevant theory for those required to move and handle objects in the workplace. Delegates will be expected to engage in several group activities, guided by one of our experienced trainers.

Our manual handling training course can be tailored to the specific activities and equipment used in the workplace. We can come to our clients to deliver our training on-site, or alternatively, our courses can be facilitated at our own training suites in Glasgow.

Learning Outcomes

After this one-day course staff will be able to:

• Gain an understanding of legal requirements with regards to manual handling operations in the workplace.

• Gain an understanding of the spinal function and the main causes of back injury, and how to minimize those risks by implementing best practices within their organization, therefore safeguarding themselves and others.

• Understand why we implement the principles of biomechanics and the benefits associated with efficient and effective movement.

• Understand the value of risk assessment and how it applies to safe manual handling practice.

• Demonstrate and practice safe manual handling techniques, including the safe use of equipment.



The session is followed by a multiple-choice assessment designed to test learners’ understanding of the course. Test results are usually disclosed within two working days after attending the training. A certificate will be issued after the successful completion of the training course.

Attendees are continually assessed throughout the course to ensure learning outcomes have been achieved and must be physically able to carry out procedures required to meet assessment criteria.

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