End Of Life Care

Course Description

Death and dying is still a taboo subject, which evokes fear in many people. This course has been designed to enable participants to undertake their role with confidence, applying understanding of end of life care, providing dignity, comfort and empathy to patients. Candidates will learn about various aspects of end of life care including effective communication, managing pain and discomfort and how to support individuals with their loss.

This end of life care course is relevant to people working in health and social care settings where individuals who are supported have a life-limiting illness and are approaching the end of their life. At Arete Training Solutions we believe that it is important for everyone to be educated on this subject, therefore this course may also tremendously benefit individuals willing to learn more about end of life care in order to help and support their loved ones in their final stages.

Learning Outcomes

After this one-day course staff will be able to:

• Gain an understanding of end of life care and the concept of person-centered approaches to end of life care

• Understand relevant legislation in relation to capacity and consent

• Get an insight into assessment and care planning in end of life care

• Know about all the different types of complementary therapies and how to gain access to those services

• Understand how and when to provide support to manage pain and discomfort

• Know how to communicate effectively during ‘end of life’ care

• Understand loss and grief and support people and their emotions

• Understand the various roles within the multidisciplinary team and how these are coordinated

• Understand about care during the final hours of life and bereavement care

• Know how to cope with death and loss


The session is followed by a multiple-choice assessment designed to test learners’ understanding of the course. Test results are usually disclosed within two working days after attending the training. A certificate will be issued after the successful completion of the training course.

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