Continence Management

Course Description

Our continence management training provides the knowledge and skills required to enable health and social care staff to be aware of the problems of incontinence.

We aim to enable individuals to be able to work with this condition in a way which minimises the individuals’ distress.


Learning Outcomes

After this half-day course, attendees will be competent in the following areas:

• Factors which may cause an individual to be incontinent
• How incontinence may affect an individual’s well being
• Methods which may be used to identify incontinence problems
• Strategies to assist an individual experiencing continence problems
• Use of equipment to manage continence
• Monitoring and reporting support for continence
• Physiological and functional effects of a stroke with regards to continence
• Reduced cognitive levels (disorders of the thinking process)
• Duty of care and person-centered care planning



The session is followed by a multiple-choice assessment designed to test learners’ understanding of the course.

A Certificate will be issued after the successful completion of the training course.

Attendees are continually assessed throughout the course to ensure learning outcomes have been achieved and must be physically able to carry out procedures required to meet assessment criteria.

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