Anaphylaxis & Auto Injectors

Course Description

Hospital admissions for anaphylaxis have increased significantly over the last decade. This course aims to give delegates an understanding of anaphylaxis including common causes as well as the use of auto-injectors.

Our course is designed for workplace first aiders working in an environment where they may have to deal with those more susceptible to anaphylaxis. This course is suitable for any person who is involved in the administration of drugs and needs to be aware of the diagnosis and treatment of anaphylactic reactions.

This awareness course covers anaphylactic reactions in both adults and children, the correct administration of adrenaline (epinephrine), drug incompatibilities, contraindications and enables participants to differentiate between anaphylactic reactions and panic attacks.


Learning Outcomes

After this half day course attendees will be competent in the following areas:

• Understanding the role and responsibilities of the first aider
• Assessing the situation and acting safely, effectively and promptly in an emergency
• Dealing with an unconscious casualty
• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) & AED – age-specific
• Legislation – Record keeping and administration of medicines
• Definition of anaphylaxis
• Common causes of anaphylaxis
• Recognition features of anaphylaxis
• Treatment of anaphylaxis
• Auto-injector

Topics covered within this course include:

• Anaphylaxis overview
• Definition
• Causes of anaphylactic and anaphylactoid reactions
• Recognition of signs and symptoms
• Treatment and practice with trainer pens
• Precautionary methods – management of the patient
• Child CPR
• Adult CPR
• Recovery Position



The session is followed by a multiple-choice assessment designed to test learners’ understanding of the course. Test results are usually disclosed within two working days after attending the training. A certificate will be issued after the successful completion of the training course.

Attendees are continually assessed throughout the course to ensure learning outcomes have been achieved and must be physically able to carry out procedures required to meet assessment criteria.

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